February 3, 2010

Bal Thackeray

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He cannot travel out due to his frail condition, but the fire in him still burns. He is resolute and firm as ever and in that resoluteness you discover an endearing, that sudden soft moment, which has always made his presence so strong and affectionate. His sense of humor is intact as he punches in some wise onesI agree with Bachaan even though I disagree with the philosophy of Thackrey. For all he is wrong about he still does deserve admiration for his resilience, grit and fortitude. No doubt a leader, worthy of being a leader who’d I’d have wished had taken up his stand on things that really mattered for good. A person like him with the right cause is what this country needs.


SRK not apologetic

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Hopefully he will stick to it. If he does, I’ll be his biggest fan … I am watching you Mr. Khan.


Shah Rukh remained unfazed and termed the activities of the party as “undemocratic”.

“It makes me feel that activities like this are unhealthy, undemocratic, its insensitive but this is how the world is and you can only say what you believe in and stand by it and hopefully I will have the strength to do so,” Khan told reporters when asked about the Shiv Sena protests on Tuesday.

“As an Indian I’m not ashamed, guilty or unhappy about what I said neither am I sorry,” he said.

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