June 22, 2010

India should never qualify for the World Cup Football

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… at least not in my lifetime.

India is a cricket playing nation and I love this game (and Football too). One sport is already enough for me to worry about not losing that I do not want football to add to that. I watch Cricket only when India plays. When India crashes out of any tournament, I no longer track it. Even if it is world cup cricket, the moment India is out, I am out. I feel cheated whenever India loses. I consider the failure of my team to win as my own failure. It affects me personally. I no longer watch any other match until the next big tournament.

Soccer, I truly love. I have nothing personal at stake. All I have is the Joy of watching a great competition. When I watch a game I am watching a game not a team. I enjoy every great move, every great goal and every great piece of defending. I enjoy the action. I was thrilled to see North Koreans give Brazilians a tough fight whereas most of the Brazilians would have been stressed about what was going on. The very next North Korean game, I loved it when Portugal stripped them of all the respect they earned in the game with Brazil. I loved how Mexico beat France and I hated the fact that I could not see Spain getting beaten by the Swiss.

I do not want to spoil this one full month of entertainment and excitement which I wait for 4 years by having India take part in it. I will get emotionally attached to the success of one team. The moment India gets out of contention, I will lose my interest. The desire to be the best of the 32 teams will overshadow my love for the sport which I played like crazy in my adolescence and youth; and which I think had such a huge role in making me whoever I am today.

I love this game and that is why I do not want the country I love to be playing it. If they do, the game will no longer be beautiful, it will become a rat race just the way it is for all the countries which are participating.

I can relate to the pain of all the football crazy French who can no longer enjoy this tournament because their beloved country got kicked out so soon. It has happened to me every 4 years since last 20 years. French may still watch the cup, I am sure many will, but it will not be anywhere near as much fun had France still been in contention.

Finally, I have this solid intuition that 2011 will not be painful. Mumbai as the destination for the final is like fate deciding it finally that this is going to be Tendulkar’s cup. For all that he’s given to Cricket, I think it is time the game now rewards him with its penultimate prize. I will be there to watch HIM lift the cup in Mumbai. Amen.



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