July 3, 2010

Brazil lost to consistency

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Nothing much to crib about in the Brazil vs Holland game like it is in the one after. Except for the fact that Brazil played like anything but Brazilians and lost to a consistent Dutch. Why am I hung on to Consistency in this post? Because this was the first game I saw in this world cup where a team did not change its style of play with the changing score line.

Whether one goal down, level or one up, Dutch stuck to their boring lack luster, flat but effective football as compared to the missing Brazilian flow. Brazil on the other hand, just like any un-Brazilian team would do, seemed to be content with the 1 – 0 lead and rightfully got to pay for it.

This also incidentally is the first game in this world cup (the one after this one being the 2nd) where a team down by a goal came back to win the game. This little statistic in itself speaks of the not so exciting world cup. The only thing exciting about this world cup is the French, Italian and English elimination and of course the Vuvuzelas and Jabulani.

Except for the goal and one nice move, there was nothing Brazilian about the Brazil game today. Another un-Brazilian thing about Brazil today was once at level I thought now they will show the Dutch What Attack Is. I thought it would be fun now. Instead Brazil turned out to be cry babies. They did not come back onto Dutch as a true champion side would, they instead were whining and fighting and all that. That was sick to watch. After watching them for so long over the years this is the least you expect out of them. Yes, everyone knows Latin Americans do not take defeat well but one also won’t expect the Brazilians would buckle under pressure like this so soon. No Good Job Mr Dunga. No Good! They deserved to lose. That is it.

Italians coming back on to the Kiwis, Cameroon’s massive attack after a goal down against the Japanese and English blitzkrieg on Germans was so much more exciting than watching these Brazilian cry babies. So moving on to the more interesting observation of this game today albeit a personal one…

The first goal by Brazil reminded me of my days in school. This is a typical trick I and Pradeep used to do at kick-off. One of us will dash towards the opposing team’s D while the other one would kick the ball right through the middle into the front the moment game would kick off and you’d have a goal in the very opening second. We used to do it in strikingly similar fashion to the way Brazilians scored today. One pass and ne touch into goal – fox all. Even though it was scored in the middle of the game and not at kick off, the goal really made me nostalgic and actually proud (funny) that the idea we considered unique to us is actually a genuine international play! Ha ha , those were the good old days of football in school. No one used to like me and Pradeep being in the same team.


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