June 11, 2010

Bangit Disappointed

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He is the Military Man, shouldn’t he be the one to Shut Up as it is him with his loud unleashed mouth that is mixing politics with military by going on about his sob story!?

Philippines’ political system is really immature. It is frustrating to track Indian politics as I belong to that system and it hurts to see it screwing up. But when similar stuff happens elsewhere in a different manner, it does not cause frustration, it causes amusement.

However, to be fair, India may be a third world fucked up country just like the Philippines (if not more) but Indian Military is in a different league and way above the follies of the Indian political system. Indian military, its professionalism, standards and processes are probably the best in the world and beyond most if not all of the developed world. Obviously it is not fair to expect Philippine military at that standard.


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