February 3, 2010

Watching from the sidelines

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Same damn shit that I mentioned earlier. The sick hindu impotence. The fear of fight.


… India’s Afghan policy is the worst of all worlds. India’s influence in Afghanistan is dependent on the US. But its influence on US policy in Afghanistan is non-existent because it is shy of paying a blood price — even for a flagrant national security interest. Polls show that India is the most popular nation with Afghans. Sadly, Afghans would be advised to find friends who can provide them more than song and dance routines. …


January 22, 2010

US to give Pakistan unarmed drones

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This is how you are supposed to play this game. This is how one deals with a superior power. But then what will hindus know about the art of war.

Some lessons to be learnt for the Indians here. Indians should take some cues from here in dealing with China.

January 19, 2010

India does not have an agenda in Afghanistan?!

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Why the fuck do we not have an agenda in Afghanistan?

Ranjit Singh once said that if needed to defend his borders in Punjab (there was no Pakistan at that time) he’d plan to defend it at Afghanistan Borders. This in other words is called “Attack is the best Defense”. Now this sick, submissive; or to put it more aptly “chicken shit” Hindu mentality is screwing up the future of this already screwed up great nation.

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