June 29, 2010

Technology is not beautiful

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Germany wins 4 goals to 1 of England in the Stage of 16. However, 2nd goal from England when the score was 2 – 1 is not given even though the ball is clearly behind the goal line after bouncing off the crossbar. A few hours later the same day, first Argentine goal against Mexico is a clear offside but referee fails to notice. Before the World cup finals, France is able to qualify thanks to a double-hand goal by Henry against Ireland which is not spotted by the referee.

There have been many other smaller in scale bad calls throughout this world cup so far. However, does that merit including technology to assist the referee. Every other sport does it, then why not football too? Because no other sport is as beautiful as football is? Because no other sport has that smooth flow as football has? The answer is YES!

Referees are as much a part of the game as players are. Players do not have technology to assist them while on the ground. They make bad passes, they miss chances, and they at times do self-goals. Do we give them some sort of technological solution to take away their flaws? Do we make the game perfect? Life is not perfect and so is Football. Let the game be human from all aspects and it will remain beautiful just the way it is today.

Germany and Argentina would have won anyways albeit in a different manner. French got the boot and that too brutally. It is the 360 degree human nature of the game that makes it interesting. There are unfair calls but then there are teams that rise in adversity.

All other sport use technology this is the biggest reason football should not. This is what separates it from the rest. This is what makes it beautiful. I don’t want some geeky spooky jerk controlling the outcomes of the game sitting in some dingy room up in the stadium.

People who complain about the bad calls need to Man Up and get on with it. It happened to you today; it will happen to someone else tomorrow and level it out. It’s all in the game. I said before Life is not perfect, well it isn’t fair either. Football is life and I want it to remain.

endnote: I am ok if the use of technical solutions is immediate and applies to only black-white situations. The only one I can think of is the goal line technology. There should be something like an immediate red/green if the ball crossed the line or not. Offside, tripping, fouls/tackles etc do not qualify. Pausing the game for a few minutes to entertain player protests and reviewing the replay to take a call; or even waiting for just one minute to talk to a 2nd match referee who is in front of a monitor (the geeky spooky jerk I talked about earlier) is so very pussy like! American football for all of its macho image is actually a game for big overgrown pussies! They wear all that protective gear, they have communication equipment to talk to each other, they pause every now and then and whine; come ‘on – soccer is beautiful and a sport for men (no offense to women soccer. my comments are just a metaphor for the sissiness in using technology to resolve issues).


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