January 28, 2010

Haldiram owner convicted for conspiring to murder

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Haldiram is a $4 million brand, claims the company.So much so for the Indian Brand. The owner’s a fucking thug! You can only imagine that this brand at least is not going to compete with anyone in the world. Hopefully others are not like this.

“claims the company”!! what’s so fucking great about claiming this!


January 14, 2010


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Business people may not want to acknowledge that much of their work consists of mundane phone calls and e-mails. So, they’ll glamorize their tasks by using terms such as “mission critical” or “centers of excellence,” she said, to make every project sound like a “James Bond mission.”

…. “You start to become respected,” she said, “and start to become the only clear voice in this sort of sea of monotony.” …

People who use jargon, to me, end up giving an impression that they are not speaking the truth. I find them political. People who use plain language appear to be more trustworthy. Many people also end up believing that one needs to use Jargon to be diplomatic.

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