January 21, 2011

SC snaps at Teesta

Filed under: Uncategorized — HarryCool @ 10:32 am

I do not know or care who is Teesta and company but as far as the issue at hand is concerned, while it is ok, understandable and to a very large extent justified for the court to not like being whined about in an international forum, I think the court needs to keep its head down and go about its business as usual. It is not that they have done anything substantial or for that matter anything at all to bring the real culprits to justice. While the court has little control over how the investigation is carried out and to a very large extent they are delivering decisions quite impartially and strictly as per law, people who have suffered have every right to be frustrated and approach wherever considering that the justice has been massively delayed. Moreover, going by past precedents (I can recall 1984, I am sure there are many more) will most likely will not result in any impactful punishments.

Saying "we can take care of them …." at the least is an inaccurate statement. Court should rather shut up instead of arguing back considering they live in a much more fragile house of glass than anyone else in this matter.



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