June 8, 2010

Preserve what we have first

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Absolutely agree with this point of view. So far, I have the privilege of visiting museums in at least 5 different countries – India, USA, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. India while has the richest heritage and biggest potential to maintain and display our culture and history, it is the worst in practice. Our national museums look just like our dilapidated Govt office buildings. Even simple cleanliness is not observed. The state of our museums is really terrible. Its better these important pieces of our history remain in hands that maintain them and showcase them the best than being here. No one is taking the credit away from us. All still know where they came from and the history behind them. I don’t see anything wrong if these are displayed in other countries.

… The Koh-i-Noor, it could be argued, belongs as much to Afghanistan and Iran countries that were home to the diamond for a significant period of history as to India …

… Besides, no matter the present residence of a historical artefact, the history behind it cannot be erased. For example, nobody can deny the Koh-i-Noor’s Indian antecedents. …

… Our museums are in a shambles, historical monuments are in a state of utter neglect and there is evidence to suggest that countless archaeological artefacts have been lost due to poor record keeping. …

… The ASI should focus on preserving and displaying well the artefacts it presently has instead of pressing patriotic buttons …

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